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Watch for rising water from spring thaw and rain.

Starts April 19th at 9am.

Celebration of Marilyn’s Life at Egan Funeral Home in Bolton on Sunday March 24, 2019 at 11:30 am.

On Thu Feb 7th at 7pm in Vankoughnet Library for Author's Evening at The Village Square. Visit for more details.

Rich Ingram passed away Sep 28th. Visit for details about service & visitation.

Fourth friday of the month at Village Square. Visit for more details.

Total fire ban lifted. No daytime burning. Water to put out fire completely.

Visit to check out the schedule for the Regatta this year.

Visit for info on the top Regatta Draw prizes.

Vankoughnet Canada Day celebration to become Fun Day on Sep 8th.

to July 15th - after the July 8th workshop. Visit for more details.

Tentatively rescheduled to July 14th due to heat warning today.

Visit for tips on how to help a turtle get across the road.

We need at least 10 people to register before the end of June for this workshop to proceed.

Visit for more details about $1950 grant before the deadline of June 22nd.

Visit for a summary of the information presented on Mar 3rd, with links to all the slide presentations, videos and handouts from the day.

Visit for more information about shoreline property reports available this spring.

Grand Opening of The Village Square Community Centre on Sat Apr 21 at 1pm in Vankoughnet.  Visit for more details.

Visit for more details about the annual Muskoka Conservancy Native Plant Sale.