Fishing Regulations

All fishing in Ontario is regulated by the Ministry of Natural Resources. If you are between the ages of 18 and 65, you need to buy an Outdoors Card and have a valid, current fishing license tag for the year. Fishing licence tags come in two forms; Conservation (C) and Sport Fishing (S). The only difference between the two is the number of fish you are permitted to keep. Fishing license tags can be purchased online from the MNR site.

Wood Lake is in Zone 15.  Click here for fishing season and limits for Zone 15. Click here to see the Ontario Fishing Regulations.  

“Catch and Release” is an excellent conservation approach to protect our fishery from fishing pressures. Fish properly released have shown about a 97% survival rate.


How to release fish

A number of anglers fish for the thrill of the catch, and release their fish to allow them to be caught again. Wood Lake has undertaken a voluntary Catch and Release program. If you decide not to keep a particular fish, here are some tips to safely return the fish to the water:

  1. Time is essential, so quickly play and release the fish. A fish played for too long will be too exhausted to recover. A fish hooked in deep water should be brought up slowly to prevent stress due to pressure and temperature changes.
  2. Keep the fish in the water as much as possible, since fish out of water will suffocate. Do not allow the fish to drop on the ground or on the rocks. Just a few centimetres of water under a thrashing fish will act as a protective cushion.
  3. Gentle handling of the fish is essential and hands should be kept wet at all times while handling any fish. Do not put your fingers in the gills or in the eye sockets. Small fish should not be squeezed but should only be lifted by the lower lip. A net is helpful while handling fish, but keep it in the water.
  4. Remove hooks quickly using needle-nosed pliers. If the fish is deeply hooked, cut the line and leave the hook in, as it will dissolve and will not harm the fish. Do not try to tear out hooks.
  5. To revive an unconscious fish, hold it upright in the water. If there is a current, hold it heading upstream. Apply artificial respiration by moving the fish forward and backward so that water runs through the gills. It may take a few minutes for the fish to revive. When the fish does begin to struggle, release it.

Hunting Safety & Regulations

Responsible hunters support the many rules that have been established to ensure that our wildlife populations are sustained and that hunting remains a safe activity.  For more information visit the ONTARIO’S HUNTER EDUCATION PROGRAM.

Check out Canadian Firearms Safety Courses.

See the courses and credentials you need to hunt in Ontario.

The province of Ontario is subdivided into 95 wildlife management units (WMUs).  Each WMU has customized hunting regulations for:

  • game you can hunt
  • open season dates
  • permitted methods of hunting

Wood Lake is in Wildlife Management Unit 53A

Ontario Hunting Regulations Summary

Hunting notices and updates