Tips for Renters

Welcome! We hope you enjoy your stay at Wood Lake and we hope you’ll keep coming back. Whether you’re new to the cottage life, or an old hand, here are a few simple suggestions that will help you enjoy your stay and keep the lake healthy and beautiful!

1. Please go phosphate and chlorine free on any soaps, shampoos, detergents or other cleansers

2. Bathe in the bathroom, not the lake.

3. Conserve water – limit showers to 5 minutes or less, don’t leave the water running when washing dishes, and run large appliances (dishwashers, washing machines) only with full loads.

4. Be kind to our septic tank – don’t put food oil down the drain (freeze and discard in the garbage), put facial tissue in the garbage, not down the toilet, and follow the old adage, ‘If it’s Yellow, let it mellow, if it’s Brown, flush it down!’.

5. Garbage and Recycling – did you know that if it’s packaging from the grocery store, it can be recycled in Muskoka! Anything that’s not recycling should go in a garbage bag in a bear-proof bin or take it with you when you go. Please don’t leave uneaten food outside or throw it in the lake.

6. Enjoy the fishing, but please don’t dump your bait when you leave. Anything left over should go in the garbage. Please don’t use lead sinkers and retrieve fishing line whenever possible.

7. Please make sure your boat is free of any plant or animal species before you put it in the lake.

8. Wildlife should be viewed from a safe distance and not harassed. Please keep power boats 100 metres from loons.

9. Please enjoy campfires safely and only when legally permitted, based on the current fire danger rating (which can be found at Never leave your campfire unattended and douse your campfire thoroughly when finished.