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We want to share this fantastic video called It's All About The Water from Rob Davis, Ontario's Leading Septic Expert.  The Coalition of Haliburton Property Owners' Associations had this video produced and have other valuable material on their website.

Algae and Wood Lake

There are many types of algae that can grow in our lakes, and not all of them are dangerous to humans and animals, but all of them will cause problems for lake water quality (including for swimming and boating) and fish populations if the bloom is severe enough. To familiarize yourself with the types of algae in the province, including how to detect blue-green algae check out:

If you suspect an algae bloom, call the Spills Action Centre at the Ministry of Environment: 1-800-268-6060

Algae Quick Guide: Produced for the 2017 Muskoka Stewardship Conference on algae, the Algae Quick Guide provides an overview of algae and bloom-forming conditions, and outlines the three most common types of algal blooms found in Muskoka area lakes and how to identify them.

Please keep Wood Lake beautiful!  See how you can protect Wood Lake.


In the fall of 2016 the WLCA learned that the District of Muskoka was looking at revising its current Water Model. We felt it was important to have a voice in any changes, so we met with the District to understand why they are changing the model and what they are recommending. After numerous meetings and consultations, Aileen, our Environmental Chair, drafted a document which reflects the WLCA’s position.  Click here to see that document.

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A Guide to Citizen Science at the Lake from FOCA:  Click here to see the newest publication from FOCA - a digital production about the importance of citizen science and considerations if you want to undertake sampling at your waterbody. 

This Guide to Citizen Science is intended to provide lake stewards (aka, citizen scientists) with the tools they need to monitor their own lake.This guide is intended to answer the questions, “Should I be sampling?” as well as “How do I sample?” and “What should I sample for?”

Wood Lake Facts by the Ministry of Natural Resources

Wood Lake water quality report

Well Aware encourages Ontario's residential well owners to protect their wells and our common groundwater supplies.

You’ll find all your questions about how to construct a practical, shoreline-friendly dock answered in The Dock Primer, published by Cottage Life for Fisheries and Oceans Canada”.

Centre for Sustainable Watersheds

Muskoka Watershed Council with a mission to champion watershed health.

The Muskoka Water Web was developed by The District Municipality of Muskoka to provide a portal to information about Muskoka’s most cherished resource - water.