Register for July 8th Shoreline Naturalization Workshop

Shoreline vegetation acts as a buffer to a host of natural and man-made pollutants. Losing this vegetation exposes shoreline property owners to the following potential risks:

  • The overabundance of algae on surface water
  • Loss of land due to erosion
  • Mess created by geese

Love Your Lake is offering a workshop for anyone interested in learning more about shoreline naturalization, including fish habitat enhancement, erosion reduction, and general best practices for owning a shorefront cottage.

MINIMUM of 10 people needed for it to go ahead! Six people have registered so far.  Register by Jun 22nd by sending an email to:

DATE: Sunday July 8th

TIME: 10:00am – 12:00pm

LOCATION: Caribou Lodge Bingo Hall

Refreshments will be provided.