Help Distressed Loon on Wood Lake

There is a loon on the lake that appears to be tangled in a fishing line from its mouth to its tail.  It is swimming at a forward angle and is in distress trying to release itself.  Michael Zahavi tried to approach it and while it allows him to get close, as soon as he is 4-5 ft away it goes down. 

Wildlife Rescue advised that a group of people could coral the loon close to shore or use a net to get a hold of it and remove the fishing line.  The loon probably won't survive without this assistance.  As time goes by, the loon will become weaker and may become easier to approach.

2018 Muskoka Watershed Report Card

The Muskoka Watershed Report Card is a science-based evaluation of the health of our watershed using a variety of environmental ‘health’ and ‘threat’ indicators. Health indicators include phosphorus and calcium concentrations in lakes, benthic macroinvertebrates, and interior forest habitat. Threat indicators include climate change, invasive species, fragmentation, and species at risk. Together, these indicators provide a “snapshot” of watershed health and serve to increase our understanding of the watershed where we live, work, and play.

Each of Muskoka’s 19 subwatersheds has been graded as ‘not stressed’, ‘vulnerable’ or ‘stressed’ for each indicator. 

To see how Wood Lake is doing, check out he South Muskoka River subwatershed. in the Muskoka Watershed Report card.