Septic Pump Out Records

An update from the Town of Bracebridge regarding septic systems on Wood Lake...

Only 15 of the 54 non compliant systems are still outstanding.  Not only have 39 been resolved, but the 8 steel tanks that were found, have now been replaced!

In many cases, the deficiencies revealed out of date records.  The Septic Re-Inspection Program has found cottagers were not able to provide septic pump out receipts.  Some cottagers are not aware that when you have your septic system pumped you, you need to send a copy of your receipt to the Town of Bracebridge.

So please remember when you have your septic system pumped, send a copy of your pump out receipt to:

Attention:  Septic Re-Inspection Program
Planning and Development Department
Building Services Branch
1000 Taylor Court, Bracebridge, ON P1L 1X1

Another option is to scan your receipt and email it to or fax it to 705-645-4209.