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Aug 17th Regatta Sailing Race Report

Race time 2:00PM Sunday 17 with 2 Hobie’s and 3 Lasers out for the race.

Decent day to finally get in the Regatta 2014 sailing race - Steady winds of 2-4 knots out  of the North West with Stephen Fellows setting a fairly Laser friendly course with Murray Sanders as race Marshal.

Len Beech had a great jump on the starting line, followed by:

Tess, Finn Adelaide

Andy Grant

Avery Hailey

Jade and Kylie had some troubles on the starting line

Andy over took Captain Len after the rounded the second mark but made a few bad tacks and was overtaken in the leeward side of Dave’s island.  The crafty veteran with first mate Jenn regained the lead.  After the first lap if was looking good for the Beech crew with Andy in second.  Tess, Finn and Adelaide were leading in the single sail division followed by Avery and Haley, then Jade and Kylie.

Andy not to be out done, overtook Len as the headed toward the 2nd mark off the point of Klingbeil Island.  Meanwhile back at the starting line Jade and Kylie reappeared finally after taking the windward side of Dave's island.  Andy appeared to be inspired by the so called “Bob Lytle” legendary race manoeuvre and headed up and over the high side of Dave’s island on his second lap.  Seeing  an opportunity to regain the lead Len decided to take his tried and true route from the first leg of the race.  Well the legend of Wood Lake sailing was with Andy as he handily came in first 4:06 min's ahead of the Beech crewed Hobie.  Back in the Laser division some high seas drama occurred with Avery's laser capsizing unable  to right it.  The marshal was ready to the rescue and got Avery back in the race then back to the finish line in time to see Tess, Finn and Adelaide. Slowly Jade and Kylie crossed the finish line in second followed closely by Avery and Haley. 

Final times

  1. Andy  37:35  (Hobie)
  2. Len and Jenn  41:41 (Hobie)
  3. Tess, Finn and Adelaide (Laser)
  4. Jade and Kylie 62:46 (Laser)
  5. Avery and Haley 63:47 (Laser)

Murray Sanders (Race Marshal)