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Around the Islands Race Report

Hey sailors!

Saturday August 23rd was the annual Around-the-Islands sail, a race in which the winner receives a trophy. Here’s a quick re-cap of what went down.

Sadly, the turnout was poor with only three boats in the running, probably an all time low. That didn’t stop them however.

Out to race was Len Beech in his Catamaran along with two lasers; Caitlin Fellows, flying solo, and Tanis Sanders accompanied by Kylie Fellows as her crew.

The race started off with Len having a perfectly timed start, gliding over the starting line just as the horn sounded. The lasers weren’t far behind. On the northern side of the islands, the wind was steady at 10 to 15 knots and so the three boats had a solid beginning of the race. Coming into the channel, the lasers proceeded with ease. Lenny B. however got a bit caught up in the channel as the winds through there were not ideal for a Hobie Cat. The lasers were well past Blueberry Island by the time Len had made it out of the channel. With determination, Caitlin had managed to stay neck in neck with Tanis and Kylie for the first half of the race but going past Catfish Rock Kylie and Tanis pulled ahead. What with Tanis being the sharp sailor that she is and Kylie as her good natured crew, it was not unexpected that they would continue on through the “Island Zone” to win first place and the title of the 2014 Around-the-Islands champions at 49 minutes and 24 seconds. Caitlin kept a steadfast course, going between the two islands as well and finished only three minutes behind the duo with a time of 52 minutes and 20 seconds. That left Lenny Beech coasting his way to the finish line. Len’s slow start did not dampen his moods as he had a smile on his face while sailing along to the finish. Len was able to shorten the gap between him and the lasers and followed Caitlin finishing at 56 minutes and 8 seconds. Good job guys, what a great race!

Take a look at the standings on the Wood Lake Cottager’s Association website!

All of the trophies have been secured. A list will be sent out within the next two days of who has won what. 

It’s been a pretty good summer for sailing!

Emily Fellows (Commodore)