July 19th & 26th Race Recaps

Hey Sailors!

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I’ll start with a quick recap of Saturday the 19th as there was no newsletter this past week.

Two Saturdays ago we had the biggest turnout of the summer yet! There were six boats out including two Hobie Cats. With a decent wind, it wasn’t difficult for Bob Lytle to sweep the race in his good old catamaran with young Aidan as the crew.  Tanis Sanders came in second proving once again how adept she is at sailing, with no one but herself manning the ropes. Connor Quemby had a fantastic race, as it was his first time manning the tiller and came in third. Thanks to Sue Lytle for marshalling the race. Great race everyone!

This past Saturday the numbers dwindled with only three lasers out to race. The wind was mild so it was a bit of a slow one. Kylie Fellows and Carter Sanders lead the pack for the majority of the race but there confidence got ahead of them as Jade Buckley and her guest Emma sneakily bypassed them near the end of the course and stole first place. Losing their lead must have really shook Kylie and Carter because after that their race went downhill. Tess Buckley and Caitlin Fellows had a late start and they were a good bit behind the other two boats. The pair chose to take a more direct line rather than tacking and they slowly but surely gained on the others. They were at the front of the pack but that was short-lived and they finished in second – still a pretty good comeback from their slow start! Kylie and Carter painstakingly made their way to the finish line but weren’t too disappointed in coming last because third place still gets points! The North Shore sailors sure are dominating the sailing races. Come on guys, let’s get the boats out there!

Banking on a good wind, the Regatta Race is next Sunday at noon, but please head to the middle ogf the lake for 11:30, as the race will start at noon and the start flags will go up 10 minutes before that. Points are awarded for this race to contribute towards the overall sailing club standings.  This is also a trophy race, so the winner gets their name on the Regatta trophy which will be given out at the wrap-up sailing social. Hoping to see lots of boats out there this weekend!

Once again, you can check out the standings on the Wood Lake Cottager’s Association website.

See you out on the lake.

Emily Fellows (Commodore)