July 5th – The First Race of the summer


Here’s a quick recap of the race last Saturday.

The winds were ideal for sailing so it was sure to be a quick race. Three boats came out to race; Glenn Stanley-Paul in his new laser and two other lasers, the mother-son duo of Karen and Connor Quemby, and Kylie Fellows with guest Mary as her crew. The course was set buoys to starboard, two laps around a quick course, just to start the summer off easy.

The race went relatively quick for sailing expert Glenn in his new Laser; he finished with a stunning time of 15 minutes and 50 seconds, demonstrating perfectly how the course should be sailed. Following Stanley-Paul was Karen and Connor who was apprenticing to be captain. Karen was out for the first time in a while with a very able crew and the team finished with a solid 20 minutes and 12 seconds. Kylie and Mary had a bit of a rough race, capsizing the boat a few times and even almost losing the crew. Somehow Kylie managed not to notice Mary going overboard until about 20 seconds after the fall, then she realised no one was holding the ropes and promptly turned back to rescue Mary. They scraped up 13 points as they came in third, about 15 minutes after the previous team had crossed the finish line.

It was a good start to the 2014 sailing season and I’m hoping for a bigger turn up for the next race on Saturday, July 12th at 2:00. Look for the red buoys!

As well, we are still looking for sailing Marshals for most weekends this summer. If you would like to volunteer to marshal a race you can email me (emfellows15@gmail.com) and my dad (sfellows@cogeco.ca) or call Len Beech at 705-645-4884.

Looking forward to seeing everyone out on the lake at 2pm sharp this Saturday!


Emily Fellows, Commodore