Petition to oppose ATV bylaw

We recently sent out a survey asking whether or not you would like your Board to oppose the proposed by-law to allow ATVs on municipal roadways in rural Bracebridge. The response was overwhelmingly in support of the Board opposing the proposed by-law. As a result, the Board has created an on-line petition that anyone can electronically “sign” to indicate to Bracebridge Town Council that they oppose the proposed by-law. The on-line petition can be found here:

It is important to note that anyone can sign this petition, whether they are a cottager, permanent resident or just an occasional visitor to Bracebridge. So please feel free to forward the petition to anyone you feel would like to sign it. However, the petition needs to be signed as quickly as possible since the Town of Bracebridge has requested that all petitions on this subject be presented by August 13th in preparation for the Council meeting on August 21st.

Dianna Armstrong and Dave Wharry will be attending the Council meeting on August 21st and speaking in opposition to the proposed by-law.