Draft 2014 Bracebridge Municipal Budget

The draft Municipal Budget as presented reflects a total Budget increase of 3.43%. The growth in Bracebridge’s taxable assessment as established by the MPAC Market Change Profile Estimated Phase-In Growth Report (Roll Edition) – December, is .95%.

This means that the draft 2014 Municipal Budget as contained in Appendix “A” to Staff Report FN005-14 requires a 2014 levy increase of 2.48% (excluding growth). This impacts a residential assessment of $200,000 (using the Year 1 Phase-in 2012 assessment value for 2013 tax year) as follows:

Year                                                                      Tax impact

2014                                                                            $789.59

2013                                                                            $770.48

Town – General increase 2014 over 2013                      $19.11

Click here to see the meeting agenda and draft Municipal Budget  to be reviewed on Mar 4, 2014.

I would recommend that as many members as possible attend the March 4, 2014 Meeting. I am sure there will be additional discussions on the budget during the meeting.