2014 Regatta Draw

The Wood Lake 2014 Regatta is Sat Aug 2nd & Sun Aug 3rd.

The Regatta Draw is on Sat Aug 2nd.  For a sneak peak at some of the Regatta Draw prizes click here.

Anyone who paid for Regatta Draw tickets on-line will have their tickets printed for them and put in the drum.  Regatta Draw tickets that were filled out and mailed in will also be deposited in the drum.

If you would still like to purchase Regatta Draw tickets you have multiple options:

Buy your Regatta Draw tickets on-line using our membership form and pay for them on-line using Paypal.  Your tickets will be printed and placed in the drum for you automatically.  The membership form can be used to just buy Regatta Draw tickets if you have already paid for your membership.

Fill in Regatta Draw tickets from the ticket page in the newsletter. Then pay for the Regatta Draw tickets at the Membership Table at the Regatta.

Remember that you can always buy and fill in more tickets at the Regatta.