Ramblings from your Former Editor

     I have just returned from a walk with Dexter to and from our past-past-president’s place.  The sky is a beautiful blue, the breeze is wafting through the treetops, the leaves are floating gently to the ground, and the water is glistening in the bay.  It has been a while since the trees exchanged their vibrant greens of Summer for their Autumn reds, oranges, browns, and more and more of the sky is visible between the trunks each day.  The chill of September has been replaced by the cold, wet days of October and there is even the threat of snow in the forecast!  These days, I once again wake to the comfortable scent of the wood fire and begin my exercises in the darkness of dawn.

     As the days shorten, those of us who live on and around Wood Lake enjoy the blessings of peace and serenity.  No longer do we notice the fairly steady traffic that thrums throughout the Summer months.  There is the occasional sound of a chain saw buzzing or a leaf blower droning as properties are prepared for the upcoming hibernation.  But, for the most part, it is only the sounds of nature that we hear ‘in the neighbourhood’:  squirrels nattering at Dexter; chipmunks scampering up, down, and across the deck; water trickling over the dam; and leaves rustling in the wind.

     Thanksgiving has come and gone and Summer is now a distant memory.  I hope that those of you who vacation here found time to rest and regenerate from the rigours and stresses of city life.  Did you spend your holidays as an inn keeper or restaurant owner, or did you make time to ‘smell the roses’?  This was one of our quieter Junes, Julys, and Augusts as we did not entertain as often as in the past.  However, we certainly noticed those of you with a steady stream of guests and were in awe of your energy levels and entertainment output.  I hope that time was found to reconnect with those nearest and dearest to you, and that you were able to enjoy the simple pleasures of the past such as board games on rainy days and marshmallow roasts around a bonfire. 

     While it was one of our less guest-filled times in recent years, there were still many activities and experiences that kept me busy in and around the lake.  Hanging decorations at the Foulongs’ place for the Wine & Cheese was fun, as was the decorating of the tennis court for the 65th Anniversary Dance.  Having purchasers of T-shirts come here to try them on and pick them up was also great as it gave me the chance to meet more Wood Lakers and to help out with some additional membership payments.  I loved hearing the stories of those encouraging their family and friends to join the WLCA, Inc.!  As ‘shore rep’ for Milne and Merrick, going door-to-door was rewarding, and ‘touching base’ with so many cottagers at our 65th Anniversary Regatta created even more memories.

     In my new role on the Board, I will be welcoming new cottagers and residents to Wood Lake.  They will receive a hard copy of our Newsletter as well as a complimentary copy of Bill Rapson’s book, The Wood Lake Cottager’s Association – The Story of Its Times . . .  .  Would you please help me out with this endeavour by emailing me the names of any new cottagers/residents of whom you are aware?  That would be greatly appreciated and extremely helpful!