One Muskoka

One Muskoka is a group of concerned taxpayers seeking an independent review of the governance structure of Muskoka to reduce duplication and overlap among Muskoka’s seven existing municipal governments.  They believe that the governance model should be designed with maximum efficiencies and lower costs while delivering high quality service.

For more details visit the One Muskoka website.  You can show your support by liking their facebook page.

As the October 27th election approaches, One Muskoka are looking for supporters to put a “Taxation Without Duplication” sign on their property.  Bernie Jaroscak has requested signs for posting in our area and will let us know when they are available.

2014 is an election year in Muskoka

2014 is an election year in Muskoka. Bracebridge Council voted in favor of using alternative voting methods for the 2014 Elections. That means that ALL property owning members and all Oakley residents will be able to cast their vote by mail, allowing non-residents or those who have mobility restraints to vote more easily. 

Council also voted in favor of using optical scanning vote tabulators as they have the past several elections. If you have a concern as to whether you are on the voting list or not contact Lori McDonald at 705-645-6319, Ext. 243 or by email.

Bracebridge is now in 2014 Budget discussions, When the proposed budget is available it will be posted on the WLCA web site. Dates of public discussions will also be published so our members may attend.