Road Work Update

Today the approaches to the recently replaced Milne Road Bridge were paved after excavation. Thanks to Bracebridge for this effort.

On another note there are Wood Lake Roads that are in need of grading. We have been told that one of the graders is down for repairs and grading will be accomplished as soon as possible. Brushing and dust control will also start shortly. Patience please!!

Milne Road Bridge Replaced

On behalf of all the residents of Wood Lake and “specifically” those 40 residents of Milne Road who utilize the Milne Road Bridge to access their homes we send out a BIG THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING, for the prompt replacement of the Milne Road Bridge. 





Thank You!!!!!

The Milne Road Bridge Replacement

Thanks to Mr. Walter Schmid, Bracebridge Public Works Engineer, who has provided the following information. Replacement of Milne Road Bridge will commence between December 9 – 13, 2013. During this time period, Milne Road Bridge will be open for vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

On December 17, 2013 between the hours of 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM, the bridge installation will take place. During this time period, vehicular traffic will NOT be able to cross the creek. However, emergency services will continue to be provided.

Please note that the above dates are part of the anticipated schedule for the bridge replacement. The schedule may change due to inclement weather.

The Milne Road bridge due in Nov 2013

Just spoke with Mr. Walter Schmid, Bracebridge PW Engineer, regarding Milne Road Bridge. Here is the latest information. The bridge itself has been on order and due in November 2013. C.C Tatham in Bracebridge is preparing the tender for the required work scope for replacement of the Bridge Abutments. Mr. Schmid indicated that the cement to be utilized would have a 12-hour curetime therby reducing the bridge closure time.

The replacement of the new bridge could be accomplished in one day. Closure of the bridge will be minimized.

For those concerned about fuel oil and propane Mr. Schmid said that he had contacted all the oil and propane suppliers and all but one I believe he said had smaller trucks to get the required fuel needs to homeowners.

Responses requested regarding Milne Road bridge

As you are aware the Milne Road Bridge at the damn is deteriorating and in serious need of repair/replacement. Before any work can be accomplished it is required that a Cultural Heritage Evaluation Report must be prepared. Below is an email received for Pat Dibb, if anyone would like to add anything pro or con against the bridge replacement please send them along. Please respond as soon as possible Bracebridge is wanting to proceed with construction before snow!!!

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Sent: Saturday, September 28, 2013 3:12 PM

Subject: Milne Road Bridge

> York North Archaeological Services Inc. (in Peterborough) has been given the contract to conduct a Cultural Heritage Evaluation Report of the Milne Road Bridge as part of the EA process. The Town of Bracebridge has recently changed the limit on the bridge (to 5 ton). Because the bridge is over 40 years old a cultural heritage assessment is required. Inquiries have been made to the Town of Bracebridge and the Ontario Heritage Trust for some background information for this area. Some of the questions asked included:

> 1) Has a notion or intention to designate any properties within the study area or abutting the study area been filed by the Municipality for the property?

> 2 Is the bridge area subject to a municipal easement agreement?

> 3) is the property of, abutting or located within a designated Heritage Conservation District?

 > 4) Does the municipality have an archaeological master plan that covers the project area?

> 5) Are any structures/vistas in the project area listed on a municipal heritage register?

> 6)Is there a municipal Plaque in the subject or abutting area?

> 7)Is the property abutting a park or planned designated recreational community or community space?

> The questions above phrased somewhat differently were also sent to the Ontario Heritage Trust.

> Since most of your members are up only during the summer YNAS would appreciate hearing from anyone who has knowledge of the area, they would like to share. Do you consider the current Milne Road bridge to have any heritage value or interest?

> During our trip to the bridge done just this past week we spoke to two long time residents who expressed no doubt the concerns of many, regarding not only the safety issues (capacity, access by suppliers (gas, wood, road grader, snow removal) now that the capacity of the bridge has been reduced.

> If anyone would like to add anything pro or con against the bridge replacement please send them along. Please respond as soon as possible Bracebridge is wanting to proceed with construction before snow.

> Thank you for your time and thoughts.

> Yours truly,

> Pat & Gordon Dibb

> Senior Archaeologists

Inspection of the Milne Road bridge abutments

An up date on August 28, 2013 excavation of the Milne Road bridge abutments to determine there conditions. I stopped to see the progress and spoke with a Bracebridge Public Works Engineer.

This is preliminary, and a final report will be prepared by PW and it MAY be available at the next General Committee Meeting or council meeting. You can check the Bracebridge web site and see if the Milne Road Bridge is on either Meetings agenda.

The inspection made on the North Abutment from what I was told the concrete is deteriorating (crumbling) badly and there is a crack in the abutment. The South end was not excavated as it was determined that it would exhibit the same condition as the North.

I would suggest that you forward this email to anyone who is impacted by the deteriorating bridge

Town Council meeting regarding Milne Road bridge

Milne Road Residents, I managed to get to the Bracebridge GC Meeting this morning, unfortunately I was the only one there from Wood Lake. May be I am putting too much concern on the issue, as it does not even effect me.

The meeting was lengthily and Milne Road was one of the last New Business items to be discussed. There were spirited discussions on the Bridge and much useful discussions on many issues, where will the money come from, which option yields the most longevity for the cost (years of use), type of repair, just a quick bandage or serious long term repairs. It was most council members wishes to NOT USE A BANDAGE and then revisit in 5-10 years once again. There is concern that the repairs whatever be accomplished as fast as possible, but with careful though. The suggestion to install a steel plate over the existing deck is not feasible to distribute the weight on the existing abutments. The weight of the steel sheet in the proper thickness would only increase the load capacity to 10 tom which is not sufficient. It was unanimous by council to give PW Engineer the go ahead to begin an Environmental Assessment (EA) which he believes would be required no mater which option is exercised. It looks like Options 1C and 2 will be explored in further detail, excavation will be required on both side of the bridge to determine if the existing abutments are on bed rock our just packed fill. Based on the results if its the later it looks like they would need to go to Option 2, to receive much expanded life for the new bridge. It was not determined a date for the excavation. It is very possible that additional information will be available at the August 21 Council meeting, that will be confirmed in the Meeting Agenda.

I have not gone through my extensive listing of Wood Lake email address to select Milne Road residents please forward this email to anyone who is impacted by the deteriorating bridge.