Invasive Species Act (deadline for comments is April 14th)

In late February 2014, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources introduced their proposed Invasive Species Act. It is intended to provide the policy and regulatory framework to do more effective risk assessment, monitoring and science, and to effectively communicate and coordinate the response to these threats. If passed, the proposed act would:

  • Enable the passage of regulations to restrict certain species (e.g. make it illegal to possess, release, transport, sell, and propagate the species)
  • Enable the minister to take immediate action for an invasive species that poses a significant threat
  • Enable the ministry to undertake rapid response activities such as implementing control and eradication activities

Comments can be made until April 14, 2014 via the Environmental Bill of Rights, citing EBR # 012-1120. Click here to link to the EBR posting...

(Except taken from the March 2014 FOCA e-blast).