$1950 Shoreline Naturalization Grant deadline extended

Good news...  The deadline to apply for a $1950 Shoreline Naturalization Grant has been extended to July 15th.  So you can attend the free Shoreline Naturalization workshop on July 8th to get some ideas before submitting your request.

To register for the Jul 8th Shoreline Naturalization Workshop send an email to environment@wood-lake.ca.  The workshop runs from 10am to noon at Carbou Lodge Bingo Hall and refreshments will be provided.

If you received a recommendation to create or enhance your waterfront buffer in your Love your Lake Shoreline Property Report, you can apply for a $1950 Shoreline Naturalization Grant by emailing the Muskoka Watershed Council at info@muskokawatershed.org with your name, your cottage address, a photo of your shoreline and a brief description of the naturalization project you would like to see on our property.