Loon Liberated on Wood Lake

On Friday, Michel Zahavi spotted a loon on the lake that was tangled in a fishing line from its mouth to its tail.

Great news...

As recommended by Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary in Minden, the loon was corralled close to shore, caught with a net & held on the grass so that the fishing line could be cut away from its body, face & tongue.  Once released the loon dove back into the lake.  We are optimistic that the loon will recover.

Thanks to Michael Zahavi for all his efforts to try to help the loon and alerting us to the plight of this loon!  Thanks to all the other people who assisted in the rescue - including the Rapsons, Dave Wharry, Andy Grant, the Crockatt family, Megan Middleton, the Archdekins, Shawn Zahavi & Cindy Nathan!  Thanks to Marcia Joseph, Ryan McKeen, Marlene Wilson, Bob Wilson, Sylvia Heics & Robert Scrilatti for performing the rescue!