Shoreline Re-Naturalization help from The Natural Edge

The Natural Edge shoreline re-naturalization program was developed by Watersheds Canada to restore one of the richest environments on earth, shorelines, which provide habitat, including shelter and food, for over 90% of aquatic wildlife.

The Natural Edge program provides you with a Shoreline Re-Naturalization Starter Kit, which includes everything you need to start your re-naturalization project, including:

  • Site visit

  • Customized re-naturalization planting plan for your shoreline property

  • 50 native plants including 35 bare root (small) and 10 potted (large) plants and 5 wildflowers

  • 45 Coconut fibre pads to deter grass from growing around new plantings

  • Tree guards for all deciduous trees

  • Mulch for your wildflowers

  • Plant Care Guide with instructions on how to take care of your new plants

  • Habitat Creation Guide

  • Wildflower Garden Guide

Site visits are free if you are just looking for some advice, or you can get the Shoreline Re-Naturalization Starter Kit for just $250. The plants alone are worth more than this cost!

Click here to learn more about the program and book a site visit. There are only a few Shoreline Re-Naturalization Kits left for 2019, so book your site visit soon!